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Tread Map” A trail mapping app designed by valley experts

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Tread Maps

Recreating the experience of exploring outdoors. Discover Hiking, Biking, Ice Skating Running, Backpacking, and Boating through the mesmerizing view of Wenatchee Valley and Columbia river.

Curated for quality, Tread map is the one-stop solution for all outdoor enthusiasts. Find the trail descriptions, detailed trail maps, reviews, photos, and regular updates on real-time conditions.

Tread Maps

Get your
Directions Right

Never get lost finding the trail. With a matter of just one click on the Tread Map app, you get directions right to the trailhead. Finding ways in lush greenways, mountains, and rivers has been so easy without Tread.

Directions Right

Record your
favorite trails

Make a list of trails you want to explore and find the most amazing and easiest way with Tread to explore it. We assure you that with our community support, you will never lose your next adventure.

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on Fingertips

Tread Maps makes getting outdoors easier and safer than ever. See the latest conditions with real-time map overlays, stay on course with off-route notifications, and download maps to your phone so you know where you are when there’s no data signal.

favorite trails

See What we are up to

Washington, it is naturally crafted between the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River. As the project is based on sustainable community development, it offers a vintage taste to visitors through the mesmerizing view of Wenatchee Valley and Columbia river.

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Be delightful to be the part of the biggest trial community

Create your own event and see what others are planning. You know the most amazing experience of any recreational activity is with the community. By subscribing to the Tread Map, you will become an indispensable part of the most adventurous community.

Be Ready with Tread Map Experience

Log your hike, run, or mountain bike ride with our GPS activity tracker. Download offline maps, get to the trailhead, and start your outdoor adventure.

Get Instant Alerts

Get all the updates in real-time on weather conditions, avalanche, and other hindrances on the way.

Explore new avenues of Trail with Tread Maps

This comprehensive trail mapping app will allow locals and visitors to plan the next outing, share experiences and conditions out on the trails or water, create connections with other trail enthusiasts, and provide all the various land managers with a portal to create two-way communication with user groups and individuals.

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More than a
Trail guide

Designed to deliver a comprehensive experience for skiers, mountain bikers, road riders, and other recreational users to make their journey a memorable one.

Represents the true spirit of terms (Trails, Recreation, Education, Advocacy, Development), it represents the culture of sharing is caring and allows users to share their experiences and explore the experience shared by the other like-minded community members.

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It is not something made, it is crafted by real experiences

The best trail experience is a perfect embodiment of safety, acquaintance with the best routes, beforehand information on real-time conditions like—Weather, avalanche danger, or other hindrances.

Each map is crafted in conjunction with local land managers and undergoes rigorous review and enhancement before being printed.

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