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Behind Hollabox

The act of exploring has got a new meaning with Hollabox. Explore the best places & the most happening parts of your city right on the app through interactive videos. Be it a social joint, a famous restaurant, a famous cafe, or a place serves tempting desserts. You will get a transparent glimpse of everything you love in the nearby restaurant or want to explore in your city on Hollabox.


To fix the varied categories of images and videos, and to manage the wide network of vendors and their account was a big task to manage. And to add multiple widgets to track the analytics of different vendor payments was too a task to cut.



A functionality was desired through which vendors can fetch the videos & images from the website through APIs. Taking one more dynamic step for making it a more friendly, dedicated analytics account for restaurant managers or vendors to manage & evaluate to manage their activities was required.

Hollabox Solution


Developed SDK account and add widgets so that vendors can use this account to use videos from the website. Plus, they have provided with the shortest link so that they can embed it easily to access the latest content from the website.

How it works
for vendors?

Vendors can access the latest videos by using APIs and check their accounts and activities and transact safely through an integrated payment subscription model. Currently, more than 100 vendors are using Hollabox for the latest digital content.

 Hollabox Webpage

Discover Best

Hollabox lets you discover the best experiences around you through stories told by the people through images & videos. Allowing a transparent look inside some of the best social venues, nearby food joints, and experiences in London. We exist to help people make the most of their lives, by helping them take their opportunities. So we’ve created an app to showcase things happening live and locally to you.

Hollabox Catogory

A gateway to
the soul of the city

Spots like social clubs, bars, restaurants, Pubs, Clubs are not just places. They are inheriting the soul of the city. Hollabox is here to help you to meet with that soul through peer to peer-reviewing. Find all the nearby food joints, best takeaway restaurants, bars, best lunch places, best dining places, and much more.

A gateway to the soul of the city

Genuinity is what
Hollabox Propagates

Fake reviews don’t deserve a place on Hollabox. Explore from some of the most existing and realistic reviews of the most happening places of your city.

Hollabox Post Video


Our process rightly starts in July 2019 for Phase 1 with a POC meeting followed by a rigorous discussion on—how widgets work, how we can manage developer account, and we ensure security August 2019 (Discovery Phase): October 2019 (Development Phase): Undergoing


All the functionalities are in place and the app is ready to launch on app store.

web front end

React Js

Web Backend



Website, iOS

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