Android has the majority of the mobile market share. Developing an Android app will allow you to reach the widest user base possible. Using the Java and Kotlin programming languages allows our experienced team to build beautiful and scalable apps with top performance. The variety of functions served by native libraries allows to leverage the capabilities of the newest Android smartphones. Third party libraries allow us to speed up development and concentrate on the business value of the project.

Android App Development

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Android Design

Design driven

We care for our apps to be beautiful, pixel perfect, fully interactive and user-friendly.

Android Talent

Top talent

Technology by world class devs, recognised worldwide and held to highest quality standards.

Android Process

Testing process

Effective, battle-tested, reliable. Our testing process is designed to prepare your app for anything.

Adaptive & Material UIs

The mobile market is increasing in the world every single day. There are hundreds and thousands Android devices in the market and it becomes essential to design and develop an app that will be compatible with all types of devices. Our UI/UX team keeps in mind the client’s needs and demands and delivers an app that best matches the original idea for the app.

Android Component

Uncovering Android capabilities

Native Android development lets us seamlessly work with device functionality and easily integrate platform-specific features to deliver positive user experiences.

Android Fingerpint

Finger print

Android Camera

Camera API

Android Giolocation


Android Multiscreen


Android Widget


Android Microphone


Android Billing

In-app Billing

Android Ads


Android Notification


Android Sensor

Motion Sensors

Process of android application development consists of:

  • Analysis

    We analyze the client’s market, competitors’ activity, and the preferences of the target audience to answer many questions before proceeding to the next stage of custom Android application development. Questions we should ask before the development include: What needs of the client is it able to meet? What is its value for the target audience? What do they need? When we have the answers we are able to create an extremely powerful weapon for your business. That is why we provide a quality Android development service for you.

  • Creation

    Android mobile apps development differs from website development, but it is also important to observe the best UX practices. It should be understandable with a simple structure and user-friendly interface so customers use it but do not forget about it after downloading. Custom Android app development along with the stage of design is a difficult process, demanding specific knowledge and a deep understanding of usability peculiarities and design principles.

  • Implementation

    The application design is ready and now we need to finish the work to make an application run. Custom Android app development presupposes a stage of technology implementation which is one of the most important stages worked out by our developers.

  • Installation

    When the application has passed through quality control testing and meets all the requirements, we place it on GooglePlay market. Our Android app programming services can also be followed by further promotion to place the application on the Top.

If you are concerned that you are not knowledgeable about the app, don’t be! We will show you how to use it and answer all of your questions. This Android development application is for you and your business. Be one step ahead and make your competitors envy you!

Technology stack

It is vital to choose the right mobile technology stack to make your app development project successful and rewarding. Apart from giving life to your project, the technology stack also makes your project maintainable, scalable and obligated to your requirements. The right mobile stack will result in low cost and less time consumption in app development.

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